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Lydia Ross Taplett

Lydia is passionate about helping her clients create events that are a true reflection of who they are. Known for her calming demeanor, she takes great care to ensure that each event is executed down to the smallest detail, tasking clients only with enjoying themselves and their time with their family and friends.  Although specializing in weddings, Lydia also has experience planning large and small social, corporate and non-profit events.

Lydia has worked with hotels, private clubs, and event venues throughout New York and Connecticut, and at destinations as far as Greece, Saudi Arabia, and India.

If you’re interested in event or wedding planning services, Lydia would love to hear from you! ¬†Email her at or call her at 203.243.0035.


knowledgetoday - I love your site. Keep it up !

Beth delaney - Lydia,
I Loved your card and did not know it was you until I looked up Lydia Ross on line. No clue it was you until I saw Cammy and Greg ‘s wedding.
Best of luck . I will keep you in mind if anyone asks. Love your web site.

Beth Delaney

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