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Wood Accents

I was planning to post this morning about an inexpensive decorating idea I found recently on  Domino is one of my absolutely favorite magazines.  Sadly, like me, it has become a victim of the bad economy, so I’ve been scouring the website recently to pull off all the photos I love in case they make the terrible decision to shut down the site as well (hm, maybe I should start a petition…).  I digress, but what I wanted to share was this photo:


Bear with me, this requires a little imagination – and a little bit of background.  I’m getting a little ahead of my single self, but my dream is to have my wedding reception at my parents’ house (the house I grew up in).  I want it to seem like a dinner party that was pulled together using items from around the house – or in this case, the yard.  My father has spent nearly every weekend outside either mowing the lawn or cutting and stacking firewood.  So, when I saw this box of wood pieces I thought wood would make a perfect tabletop decoration, and would give my dad something to do so he wouldn’t have to ask, “how much is this costing me?”.  They can come in any sizes, be stacked at different heights for some visual variety, and are virtually free.  This morning, Abby at Style Me Pretty posted a photo that perfectly illustrates what was in my head (although I’d also use some larger ones topped with varying sizes of cream votives and twinkling tea lights).  Pretty, right?


Top image from Domino; Bottom images by Union Photography via Style Me Pretty.

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